Sale Season’s Greetings

by Saturday, January 2, 2016

So the holiday season is over. Just when you thought we’ve run out of reasons to spend our hard earned money, Zara goes on sale. I didn’t go crazy though, I rarely do. In fact, I take pride in being more of a saver than a spender… I think the trick is that I only shop alone or with a guy who just sits and checks his watch every so often. The whole idea of Jason just sitting around waiting guilt trips me into hitting the cashier after finding 1 skirt and 1 top.

By the way, I encourage getting creative during sale season. You never know what you could find in the men’s section (boyfriend jeans, shirts, sometimes socks)…


…or the little boys section for that matter.

Definitely work yourself through the cheapest section before moving up to the stuff that could use a second markdown. Either that, or only eye the pieces you truthfully need.. maybe your jacket broke and you need a new one.. maybe you have the wrong kind of ripped jeans..

But if you’re just really looking to get yourself a treat after controlling yourself all December while shopping for everyone else, what better way to reward yourself with some 50% off shoes?! And if you really wanna feel the sale ninja experience, I’m talking a 600 peso pair of black SM Parisian mules that I’ll probably wear for a year. If you think about it.. its 50 pesos a month. okay fine. 100 a month. I bought 2. What? They’re super comfy.

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  • carson mccullers
    January 22, 2016

    Very sensible advice, indeed. An impulsive buyer ought to stay away from sales. She ends up buying what she doesn’t really need thinking she’s getting that item cheap.

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