Resort Crisp

by Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Taking you back to the start of my 2 month long vacay! If you remember, every Holy Week, I decide to stay in Manila cause it’s usually the quietest time for the city. That’s why after Holy Week is when I decided to leave the the city.. it’s one of the perks of not having a job with a regular time table.. I can work through vacations and vacation through work time =) The first place I decided to go was Bohol with my Mom and Lancer.. This is the point you’d probably expect that I’d post a load of beachy bikini shots.. but for reasons only girls will understand, I didnt go swimming for the first half of this trip. So instead, I decided to dress like I own the resort. LOL

Before the trip, some of my clean, crisp, structured online shopping arrived from, and in stead of waiting ’til I got back to wear my new acquisitions, I just brought them with me.


Bringing a jumpsuit to the beach was actually a pretty good idea! There is zero thinking necessary to pick an outfit when you’ve packed a one-piece like this. In real life, I would have worn flats, but because I have bad posture, I threw some heels on.. silver ones ’cause they go with everything and make me look a little more flashy =P

White Jumpsuit, @weavephl on Instagram, but click for their website

 Silver Heels, @nastygal, one of my fave sites..but this pair was a gift from two of my fans <3

this was shot at the upper deck of the @bellevueresort Bohol. That’s their IG handle, but click for their website

I traveled there via #AirAsiaInBohol who are giving away free seats when they reach 50k IG followers

shot by @salvalancer

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