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by Saturday, January 9, 2016

My friend Adrian was inspired to do a purely denim shoot which sparked some wonder in me about sources for local denim. I do have a couple favourites but I really wanted to find a brand to try out for the first time. I remembered a batch-mate of mine in high school who threw a party at his place about two years ago and we got talking about Chris Jasler, a designer who specialises in this thick, tough fabric. Finding his Pasong Tamo store, 3Star, was a little adventure in itself. It’s open at night which isn’t typical, I probably went at around 9 or 10pm and upon my arrival, Chris offered me a beer while shopping around. That and the sight of all his surrounding edgy creations made quite a unique first impression on me and created an environment for some out-of-the-box shopping choices.

I know when I say “purely denim shoot” you’re probably thinking some light blue ripped up jeans, an all-American big-haired Guess model in a white push up bra and a maong jacket thrown over.. well, you’re right an wrong.. same country type vibe, local, laid back version maybe.

With a bralette by Beetroot, shoes from Hue and help from a curling iron and gangsta butterflies, here’s what Adrian and I came up with..

rhian3rdset7 (1)


rhian3rdset5 (1)

Photographed by @_adriantheevangelist

Click these links above (yes, they’re links!) to explore these local brands for yourself =)

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  • Aztig Estrangero
    January 14, 2016

    I believe in “comfort before style”. One definitely can’t rock any clothing unless its comfy or one liked it.. 🙂 But it seems you are an exception.. You are always awesome!

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