Pedro in Boracay

by Saturday, November 5, 2016

A short and simple moment, if appreciated correctly, can bring infinite joy. This is a way of life I bring with me on every adventure. Take everything in, stay in that moment.

I am grateful for how on a hot day, I can sit under a palm tree, enjoy a cool breeze, wiggle my toes ’til my foot is buried in sand, listen to a playlist of waves while watching the young couple in front of me take their baby for her first swim in the sea. My phone rings and the moment is gone.. but I startle myself with a cold drip of water falling on my mildly sun-burnt thigh. It’s from the Endless Summer Wheat Ale in my hand (which reminds me, it’s time to take a sip. that’s right. we’re day drinking.) and I’m back in the moment.


Philippine craft beer brand, Pedro, is now available to a whole new market: the guests and locals of what could be the busiest tourist destination in the country, Boracay!

It was off to Rieseling Boracay for Jaime and Nadine Fanlo for Pedro Brewcrasters’ launch. Obviously they were in great company as they decided to bring Lancer and I along LOL. I love being related to brewers! We had a super fun and steady beach party with music, food, friends and of course, lots of beer =)


Team Pedro with Rieseling owners, Gigi, Carrie, and Sandy

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