by Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I recently had the absolute pleasure of going to one of my favourite places in the Philippines with two of my favourite people. I remember the first time I got to go to Bohol as a kid and thought “it’s just too pretty, it must be enchanted.” I’ve always wanted to go back but just never got the chance– till now that is. And what’s even better is that Mother’s Day was coming up and so was Lancer’s birthday. I think we were all in “celebrative” moods!

We booked roundtrip AirAsia flights to Tagbilaran and a room at the Bellevue Bohol.


The Bellevue Hotel sent a car to pick us up at the airport. They sometimes send one of the rental services that tour you around the island when they’re out of hotel vans.. which was great cause that’s how we met Kaye, a lady driver-slash-tourguide who’s number we got right away. She helped us out whenever there was something we needed to buy, somewhere we needed to go, or something we needed to know. Even “Kaye, may kilala kang masahista?”

She took us to Panglao, about 30 minutes away, where our resort was.

We arrived at the hotel at around 10am-ish (way before check-in time) so we left our bags at the baggage keep and went straight to the restaurant for breakfast. The hotel offered the use of another room in case we wanted to freshen up or change (such awesome service) but we just ended up ordering beer and playing billiards for an hour.. that’s right. beer in the morning. vacay party mode: on.

At around noon when our room was ready, we went up to unpack and change into our swimsuits.


We just got their regular deluxe room which I think is their simplest one, but their rooms are modern, comfortable and spacious.. even the bathrooms are spacious with the shower being separate from the bathtub… and here’s the view from our balcony. Gorge.

Our entire first day we just spent at the resort. On the  beach, you can really see that the Bellevue makes an effort to really keep the beachfront clean and pretty. The water in Bohol is ridiculously clear, the sand is white and powdery, the water deepens very gradually which i think makes it a very kid-friendly beach. If you’re really itching to cannon-ball into water though, they’ve got a great infinity pool right in front of the beach, still with a lot of sun.

In Bohol, you have the option to go to the chocolate hills, see tarsiers, have lunch on a floating river restaurant, visit the churches, see Hinagdanan cave, go through the man-made forrest and many more. I even saw an advertisement at the airport for this bike that goes on a tightrope over a forrest. If theres anything I can advise you, no matter what you choose, wear a swimsuit under your clothes. There are random little bodies of water on these tours that you gonna wanna jump into.

We decided to take the sea tour. We booked a bangka for P2500. They do have cheaper ones but we wanted a big one to ourselves. Our guides were very helpful and would run little errands for us like finding restrooms, and buying stuff at the islands for us. Once you park the bangka at Balikasag 45 minutes away, you have to rent a small row boat to the snorkelling/scuba area (P250 per person). They’re not allowed to cast their anchors down because it’s a coral sanctuary.


Here are our big and small boats! For another P200 per person, they’ll bring you to where all the sea turtles swim. This was mildly disappointing cause it was so close to shore, you really don’t need a row boat. But I guess it’s still always better to have a local with you, they’re really strong swimmers! Y’know..just in case. and they’ll always tell you.. “If you don’t see a sea turtle, no charge.” Click [here] for one of the turtles we saw

I don’t know about you, but I always want a cooler of drinks on board a bangka. If you’re the same, definitely think about that before leaving. Once you get to Balikasag, beer is P80 per can and not very cold.

Another common place to go is Virgin Island. It’s pretty much a sandbar where you can chill, and buy and eat fresh Uni (sea urchin). Bring some bluetooth speakers. You’re gonna want some music while relaxing here. =)

If you’re planning to take a trip to Bohol, leave your questions in the comment box!

also, visit for bookings and prices

Bohol photos by Lancer Salva 


Cat Lady

by Sunday, April 24, 2016

Some of you may already know that I recently picked up 3 kittens on the side of the road. It was during their first visit to the vet that I learned that they hated the car rides.. They cried loudly, scratched the seats and clawed the floors the whole ride. I also learned though that what distracted them and comforted them the most was when I’d put them on my lap and they felt the knit I was wearing. The crying turned to purring and the scratching and clawing turned into cuddles and they eventually fell asleep.

Since I got the kittens I kept finding and wearing knits that would feel good even in the warm Philippine weather. The kitties are with their new moms now, but I seem to have adapted their love for soft knit.

Still part of the home series, here’s one of my faves, and as always, I’ll brag that it’s from a Filipino brand.

cat8 cat4 cat10 cat5

Sweater – Beetroot

Shorts – Forever21 sleepwear

Bralette – Urban Outfitters

Socks – Topshop

Photographed by Adrian Evangelista

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by Monday, March 28, 2016

Holy week just ended and as most office goers use the holiday to hit the beach or head to the mountains, it’s the one week in the year Im guaranteed to be in the city. The very traffic that we hate moves out, my phone never rings, the Walkway exhibit goes up in Global City, and the yearly Easter concert takes place. I have a different love for staying home during Holy Week, i can swear that there is no place more peaceful…

That’s why for me, the comfiest pieces of clothing from the closet are necessary to go through this time of year. Soft, airy fabrics.. open windows.. a folk song playlist.. warm lattes.. lock the door, and youre relaxing my way. You won’t be seeing any shoes in this series..


Dress – @stylestaple

Bralette – American Apparel

Photography – @_adriantheevangelist


by Thursday, March 10, 2016

I’m the type of person whose hair colour switches with every life change. I can recall siting in Toni & Guy’s colour technician’s chair about half a dozen times in the past couple of years. It’s taken its toll on my hair’s moisture, making it rough and a little crunchy especially in the first month of a colour change. I do take the necessary steps to battle that, like conditioning, treatments, leave-ins, oils, and over time, they do work.. but I had no idea that there were “miracle” products in the market to solve that exact problem until Harold (my colourist at T&G) suggested that I find the local supplier Olaplex.

It took me a little under 5 minutes to get their supplier’s Instagram account thanks to my innovative stalking skills.. from there I got their office number and ordered myself a box of Olaplex’ Traveling Stylist Kit.It cost a bit over 6,000Php which I originally thought was more on the pricey side for what I assumed was a one-time usage sorta deal, but as I read on the box it was “insurance” for my hair, so I guessed this was a a good place to invest.

After getting my hair done, Harold gave me the three bottles back. I was really surprised to see that we didn’t even use an eighth of the bottles’ contents. I seriously haven’t felt my hair this soft since back when it was virgin hair.These are the bottles post-usage. Hardly any less then when I bought them. I feel like I got a license to change colours every couple of weeks! I 100% advise that every hair colour fan gets themselves a pack of this product. The results are in-freaking-sane. If you’re uncomfortable dropping 6k on hair health, I suggest you split with a friend or two. You’ll be able to change colours minimum 4 times.

Two days after colouring, I went to Bataan for my cousin’s wedding.. going to the beach after a colour change is a big, fat no-no. I swam in salt water, I swam in chlorine-filled water.. still no hair damage or breakage. It’s an impressive freak show of hair health.

I still do rub in some leave-in conditioner for safety and although it doesn’t feel necessary, I still suggest you do.. but life after this discovery is incomparable.

to save you some time, here are the contacts:

Olaplex supplier- @beautylanephl – 7710771

Toni and Guy- @toniandguy_ph – 9558869 (ask for Harold)

Country Hard Core

by Friday, February 26, 2016

The last of this series, here’s a bit more creative local denim and bralette to be happy about.

Once upon a time, all i wanted was to make my own clothes. When i actually went to fashion school for designing and pattern making classes, the work involved in making just one piece became evident and made me really respect the people here in the Philippines that actually went for it despite all the imported brands coming in. I do like all clothes.. all of them. there are talented people behind the imports as well and there’s quite a bit of that in my closet too. but when someone compliments anything i wear that’s Philippine made or designed, it’s pretty much a reflex for me to respond “Thanks! it’s locally made!” ..i usually use my bragging voice.. as if i made it myself.





bralette – Beetroot

jacket, jeans, shoes – 3Star by Chris Jasler

photographs – Adrian Evangelista

Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Wardrobe

by Sunday, February 14, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the above photo which was pretty much my ootd for GMA’s Thanksgiving Trade Party.. and again, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a mix-and-match trick that i like to pull on my wardrobe quite often -turning a clothing item into something it’s not.

Girls easily run out of things to wear. Clothes seem to be much more disposable nowadays cause when you wear something once, it stays on your social media forever. That shouldn’t  stop you from giving your clothes the kind of longevity they deserve though.. and one way to help you mix things up is to convert your  button-downs into skirts, turn your long skirts into dresses, make your short skirts tube tops, and wear your jumpsuits as pants. If you use your imagination, your pieces are what you say they are.

I’ll point out the times I do this in the future, but for now, here’s a quick example..


The lacy bustier top I got from NastyGal. I’ve had it 4 years and worn it a zillion times, but it isn’t the highlight underneath the delicate lace top I got off Zalora.. and what my closet lacks in black high-waisted trousers, it makes up for with this Style Staple jumpsuit folded in half.

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You Can Have Whatever You Liiiiike

by Sunday, January 31, 2016

I would bet on the possibility that anyone who remotely digs the task of deciding what to wear has seen themselves in past photos and said “Why,   Rhian  ? Why?

I believe these make the cut for “those photos”. But as irrelevant as my pairings can sometimes be, it doesn’t take away from a beautiful garden and that a pretty yellow dress and comfy breathable crochet shoes exist locally…(even if i had to wear em together) …but for now, i’ll enjoy the “i’ll wear whatever i want, thank you very much” feeling.


Shoes – Hue Manila

Dress- Maliche

shot by @_adriantheevangelist

Meet Pedro

by Friday, January 29, 2016

Yesterday team Pedro officially launched our craft beer brand in the Belle and Dragon.

Pedro’s 3 variants Endless Summer Wheat Ale, Procrastination Pale Ale, and (my personal favourite) Elementary English Ale were free flowing in both draft and bottles from 5:30-9pm.16-01-29-17-25-06-451_deco-1

It probably goes without saying, but this was a fun event to be at. Friendships were formed, good music played, and big announcements were made.16-01-29-17-28-21-592_deco-1

The Belle kept the bar chow coming and for three and a half hours, and Pedro showed the good people of Manila what it could be like when life could suddenly become simple.16-01-29-16-46-01-700_deco-1

Here I am before the launch began.. I had just finished putting the labels on the taps. I was focused on remaining calm, and pre-gaming.1454038628586

Friends and family came to show support for Pedro!16-01-29-16-36-09-578_deco-216-01-29-17-34-22-228_deco-1

Wish I had photos with my other friends there.. Meg, Artu, Lancer, Quark, Steph, Ramon, Rach, She! thank you for coming!! =)

but at least I got to take home a great souvenir from this awesome day! Media Box put up a photo booth where we could have our own personalised label slapped on to a Pedro flavour of our choice!16-01-29-18-09-33-679_deco-1

There’s nothing quite like the pride of finally sharing Pedro with everyone. but what really makes it even more wonderful is being able to celebrate all this with great people. Thanks to everyone who came, shared, sent us their congrats even on the inter-webs! Thank you Cyberhians for coming and supporting this event and for all these great photos even if it doesn’t have anything to do with my TV life =D

Thanks for the great night, my buddy, Pedro.1454038618124


Meet Pedro at a FamilyMart branch near you =)

Under Construction

by Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here’s a layout we initially intended for when the site was under construction. I’m pretty sure this still counts since I still have no idea what to do with these side menus, how to put in a “subscribe” page, and what meta is! Might aswell take this opportunity to appreciate some local clothing =)

I’m wearing a pair of almost tuxedo-like pants that I bought from the Ramp back when I only owned jeans. It’s the pair that got my closet started on trousers. Throw on a blue line detailed bustier top by Maliche and a pair of my comfiest lace-up NastyGal heels and cat woman’s little sister is ready to rock.

Under Construction 1

Under Construction 2

Under Construction 3

pants – The Ramp Crossings

bustier crop top – Maliche

shoes – NastyGal

photographed by Adrian Evangelista