Meet Pedro

by Friday, January 29, 2016

Yesterday team Pedro officially launched our craft beer brand in the Belle and Dragon.

Pedro’s 3 variants Endless Summer Wheat Ale, Procrastination Pale Ale, and (my personal favourite) Elementary English Ale were free flowing in both draft and bottles from 5:30-9pm.16-01-29-17-25-06-451_deco-1

It probably goes without saying, but this was a fun event to be at. Friendships were formed, good music played, and big announcements were made.16-01-29-17-28-21-592_deco-1

The Belle kept the bar chow coming and for three and a half hours, and Pedro showed the good people of Manila what it could be like when life could suddenly become simple.16-01-29-16-46-01-700_deco-1

Here I am before the launch began.. I had just finished putting the labels on the taps. I was focused on remaining calm, and pre-gaming.1454038628586

Friends and family came to show support for Pedro!16-01-29-16-36-09-578_deco-216-01-29-17-34-22-228_deco-1

Wish I had photos with my other friends there.. Meg, Artu, Lancer, Quark, Steph, Ramon, Rach, She! thank you for coming!! =)

but at least I got to take home a great souvenir from this awesome day! Media Box put up a photo booth where we could have our own personalised label slapped on to a Pedro flavour of our choice!16-01-29-18-09-33-679_deco-1

There’s nothing quite like the pride of finally sharing Pedro with everyone. but what really makes it even more wonderful is being able to celebrate all this with great people. Thanks to everyone who came, shared, sent us their congrats even on the inter-webs! Thank you Cyberhians for coming and supporting this event and for all these great photos even if it doesn’t have anything to do with my TV life =D

Thanks for the great night, my buddy, Pedro.1454038618124


Meet Pedro at a FamilyMart branch near you =)

3 Responses
  • karla castillo
    January 31, 2016

    where else I can buy pedro ms. rhian? congratulations to the launch of your craft beer.. I’m now promoting it on my friends.. =)

  • carson mccullers
    February 2, 2016

    am not a beer drinker but i will try anything once so, will get myself a pedro one of these days and let you know what i think.

  • karla castillo
    February 26, 2016

    I enjoyed pedro at the recent brewfestmnl..Congrats to the proud and happy owners of pedro 👌

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