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by Monday, May 16, 2016

I’ll be in Europe for a couple of weeks!
Ever had to pack for a long trip?
Not really showing anything revolutionary in my packing ritual.. but usually there are two ways to pack. Youre either packing heavy or light. When you pack light, it takes a lot more time.. pretty much knowing what youre gonna be doing from day to day and planning what to wear for each occasion then coordinating the mix and matches.

Here’s what takes much less planning but more brain power as you dress throughout the trip.. my steps to putting together a basic capsule wardrobe for your trip.. this is me packing heavy:
1. Figure out your general colour combo
2. Pick a theme/vibe to make mixing and matching easy – I’m going for very norm, not very attention grabbing (not a good time to call attention to yourself in Europe) ..mostly sweaters, pants, oxfords
3. Lay everything out so you can see it all at once. The point of this is so you can count how many tops, bottoms you’re bringing. You’ll also be able to see if you can edit down in case you repeated a certain cut/ colour
4. I’ll be gone for 15 days which means 8 tops, 4 bottoms would’ve been fine with one laundry trip in the middle, but if you check my layout, I was being EXTRA lazy and could’ve edited down more. that’s not smart packing.
5. The one thing you really wanna overpack is underwear. Bring tons of it. It doesn’t take up much space anyway.
6. Always bring 1 LBD in case you suddenly have to go somewhere with a dress code. The same “fancy” outfit you can wear anywhere.

Anyway, here’s my bobo-friendly, fool-proof, mix-and-match-ready wardrobe for the trip!20160514_03491420160514_035011

It all fit in one suitcase, thank goodness! And was including the shoe options and tech and everything I brought was 20kilos.. I still have baggage allowance to shop! =P

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