Country Hard Core

by Friday, February 26, 2016

The last of this series, here’s a bit more creative local denim and bralette to be happy about.

Once upon a time, all i wanted was to make my own clothes. When i actually went to fashion school for designing and pattern making classes, the work involved in making just one piece became evident and made me really respect the people here in the Philippines that actually went for it despite all the imported brands coming in. I do like all clothes.. all of them. there are talented people behind the imports as well and there’s quite a bit of that in my closet too. but when someone compliments anything i wear that’s Philippine made or designed, it’s pretty much a reflex for me to respond “Thanks! it’s locally made!” ..i usually use my bragging voice.. as if i made it myself.





bralette – Beetroot

jacket, jeans, shoes – 3Star by Chris Jasler

photographs – Adrian Evangelista

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  • karla castillo
    February 26, 2016

    ms. rhian do you have stylist or you mix n match everything at your own?.. Or do you have one particular person that you set as a fashion preference on what you wear?..

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