Better Than Skinny Dipping

by Friday, June 3, 2016

When I was a lot younger I was teased a lot for being a bit on the chunky side. I used to always swim with a giant T-shirt on ’til about mid-thigh.. That’s pretty much why my skin always looked like I bathe in mayonnaise or something. It wasn’t ’til I was about 23 that I got over it and started wearing swimsuits to the beach like a normal, confident girl.. worked on my tan and getting used to the idea that I shouldn’t be ashamed of anything.. so I’m glad to say those days are pretty much behind me. To be honest though, I do miss the giant T-shirt days in some ways. In the back of my head I would think, “Sure, y’all are cute and everything, but no one can be as comfy as me.” but why choose?!

Reader, I present to you, the swim dress! ..okay it’s actually a normal midi dress that can be worn when dry.. but maybe because of the sandy colour and the light material gets extra body hugging when you wet it, i just felt like taking it into the water.. #yolo ..ever swam in a dress before?


Nude Lightweight Midi Dress – on Instagram, but click for their website

Shot at the calm beach front of @bellevueresort by @salvalancer

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