Only the Best

by Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weave was actually a brand suggested to me on Twitter. It was ’cause they had a “Mix and Match” feature on their site that could help a shopper put together an outfit online before making a decision. If you take a look at their stuff, it’ll be easy to say that the people behind it have taste, but what sold me on the shopping experience though, was ’cause I’m a believer that great customer service is really what can make a brand special.

So I made my shopping choices and checked out as I usually do.. and in about an hour or so, received a message that they had noticed that ever item of clothing I ordered was in Small except for this white tie-front crop top which I ordered in Medium. I did that cause they were out of stock for small, but I just wanted it enough to just have it altered after. They told me that they were replenishing stock in small in a week and that if I was willing to wait for it they’d send it to me then! Awesome. That’s the kind of customer service that keeps me coming back. That’s why hasn’t seen the last of Weave for sure.


White Crop and Culottes, @weavephl on IG, but click for their site

Silver Flats, @tutumshop

Shot in the pathways of @bellevueresort by @salvalancer

Black Beach

by Monday, June 6, 2016

Black isn’t usually a colour associated with the beach, but nothing is as comfy as this jumpsuit from Glam Effect. I’ll be honest, i don’t think this one is locally made or designed but I’ve been buying from this store for a long time- from cheek tint to contact lenses to Michael Kors bags to clothes and shoes.. so I’m featuring them cause it’s a truly trusty Instagram store to shop at.

This jumpsuit is an easy travel outfit to pack. it’s fully crinkled in an electric pleated kind of way, and the relaxed, un-sinched fit works great for a comfortable night time beach party for me to dress down and up at the same time.


Jumpsuit, @GlamEffect_

Shot at @BellevueResort in Bohol by @salvalancer

Getting Personal

by Saturday, June 4, 2016

Georgina Sasha, a Filipina entrepreneur has began to venture into swimsuits and one of her offerings is a one piece that gets personal. She first asked if i’d like a one piece in black or white then if there was anything i’d like printed on the front of it. You can pick the font and colour of the printing, and they can put any word up to 5 characters on it. As you can see, I asked her yo put my mother’s maiden name on it since most people in the showbiz realm know me as Ramos. To take it a step further, i had them print it on the back side of the swimsuit just like a sports jersey. I love the outcome.

What would you have printed on your swimsuit?

check out @georginasasha and Instagram

shot at the beachfront of @bellevueresort in Bohol by @salvalancer

Better Than Skinny Dipping

by Friday, June 3, 2016

When I was a lot younger I was teased a lot for being a bit on the chunky side. I used to always swim with a giant T-shirt on ’til about mid-thigh.. That’s pretty much why my skin always looked like I bathe in mayonnaise or something. It wasn’t ’til I was about 23 that I got over it and started wearing swimsuits to the beach like a normal, confident girl.. worked on my tan and getting used to the idea that I shouldn’t be ashamed of anything.. so I’m glad to say those days are pretty much behind me. To be honest though, I do miss the giant T-shirt days in some ways. In the back of my head I would think, “Sure, y’all are cute and everything, but no one can be as comfy as me.” but why choose?!

Reader, I present to you, the swim dress! ..okay it’s actually a normal midi dress that can be worn when dry.. but maybe because of the sandy colour and the light material gets extra body hugging when you wet it, i just felt like taking it into the water.. #yolo ..ever swam in a dress before?


Nude Lightweight Midi Dress – on Instagram, but click for their website

Shot at the calm beach front of @bellevueresort by @salvalancer

Resort Crisp

by Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Taking you back to the start of my 2 month long vacay! If you remember, every Holy Week, I decide to stay in Manila cause it’s usually the quietest time for the city. That’s why after Holy Week is when I decided to leave the the city.. it’s one of the perks of not having a job with a regular time table.. I can work through vacations and vacation through work time =) The first place I decided to go was Bohol with my Mom and Lancer.. This is the point you’d probably expect that I’d post a load of beachy bikini shots.. but for reasons only girls will understand, I didnt go swimming for the first half of this trip. So instead, I decided to dress like I own the resort. LOL

Before the trip, some of my clean, crisp, structured online shopping arrived from, and in stead of waiting ’til I got back to wear my new acquisitions, I just brought them with me.


Bringing a jumpsuit to the beach was actually a pretty good idea! There is zero thinking necessary to pick an outfit when you’ve packed a one-piece like this. In real life, I would have worn flats, but because I have bad posture, I threw some heels on.. silver ones ’cause they go with everything and make me look a little more flashy =P

White Jumpsuit, @weavephl on Instagram, but click for their website

 Silver Heels, @nastygal, one of my fave sites..but this pair was a gift from two of my fans <3

this was shot at the upper deck of the @bellevueresort Bohol. That’s their IG handle, but click for their website

I traveled there via #AirAsiaInBohol who are giving away free seats when they reach 50k IG followers

shot by @salvalancer