by Monday, March 28, 2016

Holy week just ended and as most office goers use the holiday to hit the beach or head to the mountains, it’s the one week in the year Im guaranteed to be in the city. The very traffic that we hate moves out, my phone never rings, the Walkway exhibit goes up in Global City, and the yearly Easter concert takes place. I have a different love for staying home during Holy Week, i can swear that there is no place more peaceful…

That’s why for me, the comfiest pieces of clothing from the closet are necessary to go through this time of year. Soft, airy fabrics.. open windows.. a folk song playlist.. warm lattes.. lock the door, and youre relaxing my way. You won’t be seeing any shoes in this series..


Dress – @stylestaple

Bralette – American Apparel

Photography – @_adriantheevangelist


by Thursday, March 10, 2016

I’m the type of person whose hair colour switches with every life change. I can recall siting in Toni & Guy’s colour technician’s chair about half a dozen times in the past couple of years. It’s taken its toll on my hair’s moisture, making it rough and a little crunchy especially in the first month of a colour change. I do take the necessary steps to battle that, like conditioning, treatments, leave-ins, oils, and over time, they do work.. but I had no idea that there were “miracle” products in the market to solve that exact problem until Harold (my colourist at T&G) suggested that I find the local supplier Olaplex.

It took me a little under 5 minutes to get their supplier’s Instagram account thanks to my innovative stalking skills.. from there I got their office number and ordered myself a box of Olaplex’ Traveling Stylist Kit.It cost a bit over 6,000Php which I originally thought was more on the pricey side for what I assumed was a one-time usage sorta deal, but as I read on the box it was “insurance” for my hair, so I guessed this was a a good place to invest.

After getting my hair done, Harold gave me the three bottles back. I was really surprised to see that we didn’t even use an eighth of the bottles’ contents. I seriously haven’t felt my hair this soft since back when it was virgin hair.These are the bottles post-usage. Hardly any less then when I bought them. I feel like I got a license to change colours every couple of weeks! I 100% advise that every hair colour fan gets themselves a pack of this product. The results are in-freaking-sane. If you’re uncomfortable dropping 6k on hair health, I suggest you split with a friend or two. You’ll be able to change colours minimum 4 times.

Two days after colouring, I went to Bataan for my cousin’s wedding.. going to the beach after a colour change is a big, fat no-no. I swam in salt water, I swam in chlorine-filled water.. still no hair damage or breakage. It’s an impressive freak show of hair health.

I still do rub in some leave-in conditioner for safety and although it doesn’t feel necessary, I still suggest you do.. but life after this discovery is incomparable.

to save you some time, here are the contacts:

Olaplex supplier- @beautylanephl – 7710771

Toni and Guy- @toniandguy_ph – 9558869 (ask for Harold)