You Can Have Whatever You Liiiiike

by Sunday, January 31, 2016

I would bet on the possibility that anyone who remotely digs the task of deciding what to wear has seen themselves in past photos and said “Why,   Rhian  ? Why?

I believe these make the cut for “those photos”. But as irrelevant as my pairings can sometimes be, it doesn’t take away from a beautiful garden and that a pretty yellow dress and comfy breathable crochet shoes exist locally…(even if i had to wear em together) …but for now, i’ll enjoy the “i’ll wear whatever i want, thank you very much” feeling.


Shoes – Hue Manila

Dress- Maliche

shot by @_adriantheevangelist

Meet Pedro

by Friday, January 29, 2016

Yesterday team Pedro officially launched our craft beer brand in the Belle and Dragon.

Pedro’s 3 variants Endless Summer Wheat Ale, Procrastination Pale Ale, and (my personal favourite) Elementary English Ale were free flowing in both draft and bottles from 5:30-9pm.16-01-29-17-25-06-451_deco-1

It probably goes without saying, but this was a fun event to be at. Friendships were formed, good music played, and big announcements were made.16-01-29-17-28-21-592_deco-1

The Belle kept the bar chow coming and for three and a half hours, and Pedro showed the good people of Manila what it could be like when life could suddenly become simple.16-01-29-16-46-01-700_deco-1

Here I am before the launch began.. I had just finished putting the labels on the taps. I was focused on remaining calm, and pre-gaming.1454038628586

Friends and family came to show support for Pedro!16-01-29-16-36-09-578_deco-216-01-29-17-34-22-228_deco-1

Wish I had photos with my other friends there.. Meg, Artu, Lancer, Quark, Steph, Ramon, Rach, She! thank you for coming!! =)

but at least I got to take home a great souvenir from this awesome day! Media Box put up a photo booth where we could have our own personalised label slapped on to a Pedro flavour of our choice!16-01-29-18-09-33-679_deco-1

There’s nothing quite like the pride of finally sharing Pedro with everyone. but what really makes it even more wonderful is being able to celebrate all this with great people. Thanks to everyone who came, shared, sent us their congrats even on the inter-webs! Thank you Cyberhians for coming and supporting this event and for all these great photos even if it doesn’t have anything to do with my TV life =D

Thanks for the great night, my buddy, Pedro.1454038618124


Meet Pedro at a FamilyMart branch near you =)

Under Construction

by Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here’s a layout we initially intended for when the site was under construction. I’m pretty sure this still counts since I still have no idea what to do with these side menus, how to put in a “subscribe” page, and what meta is! Might aswell take this opportunity to appreciate some local clothing =)

I’m wearing a pair of almost tuxedo-like pants that I bought from the Ramp back when I only owned jeans. It’s the pair that got my closet started on trousers. Throw on a blue line detailed bustier top by Maliche and a pair of my comfiest lace-up NastyGal heels and cat woman’s little sister is ready to rock.

Under Construction 1

Under Construction 2

Under Construction 3

pants – The Ramp Crossings

bustier crop top – Maliche

shoes – NastyGal

photographed by Adrian Evangelista

About 2.0

by Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So I just read my “about” post and forgive me, im new to this whole “getting your thoughts in order and writing” thing.. I seem to have effectively told you what this is not.. but I didnt exactly tell you what you can expect.

Why is this not a fashion or beauty or health blog when I clearly have these categories on my menu? Well, lets start with fashion and in my own weird style of thought organization, im sure we’ll arrive at the rest somehow.

Our clothes are how we present ourselves to everyone else. I didnt realise that before, but my time in soap operas showed me that the good guys dress one way and the bad guys dress another. That’s because our clothes send out THE first impression.. before we ever shake someone’s hand softly or firmly, before we say our first matter-of-fact sentence or warm greeting or witty quip. It’s not just about what everyone else thinks, both our clothes and makeup even affect how we move and feel about ourselves. Im not a huge fan of trends, they are ever changing and there are some trends that go by that arent for everyone. Certain lengths of pants and skirts wont work for you if you arent a 6 foot tall model. And it depends on how much you enjoy cronic bitch face if you wanna rock a cateye or not. Maybe we’re half good guy, half bad guy? Its about being who you wanna be.. So i may not be about the trends but i am a fan of the styling.

That’s the skin-deep stuff done, now lets get to the other parts of what makes us awesome. If we are ever to become the best version of ourselves, we need growth. Working out is both physical and mental therapy. A lot of my habits on ambition were built through tough crossfit, 360 fitness, yoga, and running sessions. Cause what are we gonna do when things get diffucult? Drop the weight? Stop running? Break the pose? We need these short moments of “i can’t do this anymore.. oh wait, yes i can!” so that when the big deal moment comes, being a trooper comes natural. You may catch me writing about other kinds of growth.. youtube tutorials are my freaking life manuals. I love learning new things. I encourage going for everything you want to learn to do. Whatever it is that builds your confidence.. so maybe not everyone will directly relate to my voice lessons or learning the ropes of photography and video editing.. But i hope that as i share the experiences and life hacks that empower me, you may find what empowers you too.

OH MY GOODNESS have i finally arrived at my point?! Let’s look great, feel awesome, and be empowered for ourselves.. and if you leave a like or comment once in a while and lemme know youre out there, then maybe we’ll all get there together.

Pro Local

by Saturday, January 9, 2016

My friend Adrian was inspired to do a purely denim shoot which sparked some wonder in me about sources for local denim. I do have a couple favourites but I really wanted to find a brand to try out for the first time. I remembered a batch-mate of mine in high school who threw a party at his place about two years ago and we got talking about Chris Jasler, a designer who specialises in this thick, tough fabric. Finding his Pasong Tamo store, 3Star, was a little adventure in itself. It’s open at night which isn’t typical, I probably went at around 9 or 10pm and upon my arrival, Chris offered me a beer while shopping around. That and the sight of all his surrounding edgy creations made quite a unique first impression on me and created an environment for some out-of-the-box shopping choices.

I know when I say “purely denim shoot” you’re probably thinking some light blue ripped up jeans, an all-American big-haired Guess model in a white push up bra and a maong jacket thrown over.. well, you’re right an wrong.. same country type vibe, local, laid back version maybe.

With a bralette by Beetroot, shoes from Hue and help from a curling iron and gangsta butterflies, here’s what Adrian and I came up with..

rhian3rdset7 (1)


rhian3rdset5 (1)

Photographed by @_adriantheevangelist

Click these links above (yes, they’re links!) to explore these local brands for yourself =)

Healthy House

by Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I’m completely aware that this is a weird thing to say… but I am so thrilled to be back on this diet!

After a whole month of Christmas ham and queso de bola (they were delicious, no ragrets, not a single letter) I’m just stoked to taste all the other food groups I’ve forgotten even existed. Hello vegetables and fish <3

I’ve done so many kinds of diets.. calorie counting.. no meat.. all meat. It’s ridiculous. All of them have reasons why they’re the “correct” ones. The truth is though, fruit diets are full of sugar.. Plain calorie counting doesn’t keep you healthy if you don’t take into consideration the difference between a good calorie and a bad one (you mean to say i can eat 1200 calories of cookies and beer every day?!).. And all meat just isn’t realistic unless you commit to having “off season” which will yoyo your weight. Don’t get me wrong, if you get to know me you’ll see that I still think sugar is the devil.. but i now do acknowledge that people need some carbs and fiber in their lives, and after i tried 2 weeks of only steamed chicken breast with no salt, no sauce, no sugar, no taste, no joy, I also now acknowledge that it’s important to have a diet that you can keep up with. I looked good for the shoot i was prepping for, but got hella chunky after cause i deprived my self of knowing what yummy was.

I’ve done a month worth of this service before. The food was delicious, a different cuisine every day. The meal portions were filling, and to be honest i usually asked my mom to help me finish them. And when the month ended and i was off the diet, a whole bunch of weight didn’t come rushing back into my gut.

So now if i may draw a conclusion from using myself as a diet guinea pig, i advise the following (like, as a friend, not as a nutritionist):

  • Eat food that will actually put nourishment into your body
  • Have a cheat day every week
  • Don’t be lazy and leave your food tasting like nothing just cause it’s “healthy”

…these are all things you can do for yourself, but if you don’t really have the time to manage all your meals, check out @thehealthyhouseph on Instagram and maybe their nutritionist and chef will make you as happy as they did me.

Now I’m off ’cause I’ve been killing myself wanting to eat this Thai menu I got since it was delivered last night. Thai food is my fave <3

Sale Season’s Greetings

by Saturday, January 2, 2016

So the holiday season is over. Just when you thought we’ve run out of reasons to spend our hard earned money, Zara goes on sale. I didn’t go crazy though, I rarely do. In fact, I take pride in being more of a saver than a spender… I think the trick is that I only shop alone or with a guy who just sits and checks his watch every so often. The whole idea of Jason just sitting around waiting guilt trips me into hitting the cashier after finding 1 skirt and 1 top.

By the way, I encourage getting creative during sale season. You never know what you could find in the men’s section (boyfriend jeans, shirts, sometimes socks)…


…or the little boys section for that matter.

Definitely work yourself through the cheapest section before moving up to the stuff that could use a second markdown. Either that, or only eye the pieces you truthfully need.. maybe your jacket broke and you need a new one.. maybe you have the wrong kind of ripped jeans..

But if you’re just really looking to get yourself a treat after controlling yourself all December while shopping for everyone else, what better way to reward yourself with some 50% off shoes?! And if you really wanna feel the sale ninja experience, I’m talking a 600 peso pair of black SM Parisian mules that I’ll probably wear for a year. If you think about it.. its 50 pesos a month. okay fine. 100 a month. I bought 2. What? They’re super comfy.

Cold Showers

by Saturday, January 2, 2016


Our hair reacts to all sorts of heat, even if it isn’t the blower or curling rod. If you’re like me and have had your hair abused either by daily styling or by bleach and color, here’s the simplest little way you might be able to keep a little moisture in:

Cold showers are better for your hair. Hot water will dry it out.