Eyebrows by Xtensions

by Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I heard about eyebrow cloning around 4 or 5 months ago, before working on my last drama show. It’s meant to give you the appearance of thicker, bushier eyebrows by scratching thin, shallow lines into the skin and letting ink seep in the wound.

I know! It sounds nothing near glamorous! Don’t worry, there’s more to eyebrow cloning than my barbaric explanation. Let me continue by comparing it to your tita who’s had eyebrow tattoos as long as you’ve known her.

  • Tattoos are there for life, brow cloning lasts two to three years. It’s much more forgiving to the changes in trends. (do you remember when skinny brows were in?)
  • Tattoos can scar deep. The scaring can prevent any existing hair follicles from surviving the treatment, compared to the thin scratches in between your natural brow hair growth.
  • Ink can change colour over an extended period of time… and I’m just gonna assume here, but you probably don’t want green or red brows in the future.
  • A tattooed brow is “on fleek” 24/7… forever. It can challenge you to wear tons of makeup everyday just to even out the look. So, you’ll have defined brows, but suffocated skin. Cloning on the other hand, can look quite natural, making it easy to go out without glam makeup if you wish. (I chose a brown colour on mine for a more natural effect)

Okay, without further ado, here are what my brows used to look like, pre-cloning.


Pretty scarce yeah?

So, the steps to better brows:

  • Topical anaesthesia. This is a cream that numbs the area of skin it’s placed on. You pretty much can’t feel the surface. They put a piece of cling wrap on top to help the skin absorb the cream.
  • When they wipe the cream off, the brows get drawn on by pencil. This is so you can decide on the shape that you’d like. I suggest to keep it natural.. but if you’re dead set on changing you’re look, that’s up to you really =)
  • Thin scratches are made into your skin with a small blade and ink. It’s called micro-blading.
  • When you’re happy with the shape you’ve achieved, they put an extra amount of ink on your brows for the small wounds to absorb.
  • The ink is wiped off, and you can go on with your day.

I cut the scratching part out incase you’re squeamish.. but here’s a chill version of that shot for reference.



Alta micro-blading my brows into submission. and yes. you get a blanky for comfort.

I must warn you that when the scabs come out, they don’t always come out even. That’s when retouch session is recommended. For best results, I have some tips to follow.

  • All scabs, the world over, are itchy. Try your best not to scratch these ones if you don’t wanna pull the ink out.
  • They give you an ointment to put on your brows to avoid scarring. This goes on twice a day.
  • You can’t wet them for 3 days. Wash your hair and body when you shower. Wash your face separately (AND CAREFULLY!)
  • If water can’t touch ’em, sweat shouldn’t either. Wear an absorbent headband when you run/workout.

On the 5th day, they started scabbing and peeling.brows4

After about another 2 days, you get the finished product. I decided to take a couple no-makeup selfies to show you the most realistic result. Sorry if I’m a little blushy, my rosacea is acting up.. but that’s a whole other story.


I’m incredibly happy with the results. I think that Alta did an amazing job!

On a regular day, I wear zero makeup. On light makeup days, I still don’t touch my brows. For a more glam makeup look, I only ever add a couple lines of brow liner and comb over brow mascara.

I always tell my girl friends that the 2 best cosmetic investments you can make is Laser Hair Removal at Belo, and Eyebrow Cloning by Alta at Xtensions.

I definitely need to give you some final reminders that’ll make ALL the difference:

  • Choose a natural colour! Base this on your skin tone and hair colour.
  • If you are not sure if your brows are even or equal, take a selfie from a straight angle. This will show details in a way your eyes won’t notice. It helps if you know how to do makeup.
  • Religiously follow the post-procedure instructions. Remember, these will be your brows for the next couple years. Don’t mess ’em up.

Enjoy spending zero time and money on daily makeup!

If you/your friends have any more questions, leave a comment and I’ll  be happy to answer =)

Xtensions – @xtensionsmanila

Pedro in Boracay

by Saturday, November 5, 2016

A short and simple moment, if appreciated correctly, can bring infinite joy. This is a way of life I bring with me on every adventure. Take everything in, stay in that moment.

I am grateful for how on a hot day, I can sit under a palm tree, enjoy a cool breeze, wiggle my toes ’til my foot is buried in sand, listen to a playlist of waves while watching the young couple in front of me take their baby for her first swim in the sea. My phone rings and the moment is gone.. but I startle myself with a cold drip of water falling on my mildly sun-burnt thigh. It’s from the Endless Summer Wheat Ale in my hand (which reminds me, it’s time to take a sip. that’s right. we’re day drinking.) and I’m back in the moment.


Philippine craft beer brand, Pedro, is now available to a whole new market: the guests and locals of what could be the busiest tourist destination in the country, Boracay!

It was off to Rieseling Boracay for Jaime and Nadine Fanlo for Pedro Brewcrasters’ launch. Obviously they were in great company as they decided to bring Lancer and I along LOL. I love being related to brewers! We had a super fun and steady beach party with music, food, friends and of course, lots of beer =)


Team Pedro with Rieseling owners, Gigi, Carrie, and Sandy

Bedroom Mash Up

by Friday, August 12, 2016

There’s no place like home and nothing like walking around it in clothes that say “i trust you, safe place.”

Filipino sleepwear and intimates brand Eve provides exactly that vibe with their light, sometimes sheer, sometimes silky fabrics. They give sleep and home wear the luxe feel I think they deserve.. you don’t always dress for others to see.. sometimes, I just wanna dress for myself.Bedroom5Bedroom3Bedroom1Bedroom2

Sheer white nighties, @evethelabel_

Shot by @_adriantheevangelist

NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner

by Monday, August 1, 2016

I have friends that have amazing skin. When I compliment them on it, the tip I always get is to put lotion on after every shower, to which I usually reply “sipag mo naman!” ..Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-lotion.. It’s saved my tans from peeling off many times and whenever I travel to places less humid than the Philippines (which is pretty much every other country) the only thing that saves me from that so-dry-it-hurts feeling is lotion. Lots of it.

But that’s exactly the thing- I will only use it if my skin is already in trouble! It’s either I’m abnormally lazy, it just takes too long to do, or it just feels too sticky for my taste.. maybe all of the above! The people at NIVEA must’ve heard of girls like me who have so many excuses to not moisturise, ’cause they came out with a solution that addresses all that..and might I add, smells pretty yummy too.

NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner is the first ever rinse-off skin conditioner. It’s activated by water and immediately absorbs into the skin.. I don’t have to massage it in for 10 minutes. So that I can finally have that moisturised softness that I always compliment everyone else on without any of my excuses standing in the way!

So here are the three very easy steps:
1) Shower with your usual soap/ bath gel.
2) Apply NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner while still in the shower.
3) Rinse off and get dressed!

I’ve been using it for over a month now and have really been enjoying the feel of my own skin. Weird but true! haha! Even decided to bring the NIVEA In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner with me to here to Europe to help me out with the change in humidity. It has nourishing almond oil, perfect for dry skin.


It also comes in NIVEA In-Shower Hydrating Skin Conditioner for normal skin, enriched with sea minerals..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

..And NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner that has 50x Vitamin C from Camu Camu to radiantly whiten

So that’s my advice for moisturised skin, NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner! Take it from me, I’m one of those girls with nice skin!20160801478725175

Only the Best

by Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weave was actually a brand suggested to me on Twitter. It was ’cause they had a “Mix and Match” feature on their site that could help a shopper put together an outfit online before making a decision. If you take a look at their stuff, it’ll be easy to say that the people behind it have taste, but what sold me on the shopping experience though, was ’cause I’m a believer that great customer service is really what can make a brand special.

So I made my shopping choices and checked out as I usually do.. and in about an hour or so, received a message that they had noticed that ever item of clothing I ordered was in Small except for this white tie-front crop top which I ordered in Medium. I did that cause they were out of stock for small, but I just wanted it enough to just have it altered after. They told me that they were replenishing stock in small in a week and that if I was willing to wait for it they’d send it to me then! Awesome. That’s the kind of customer service that keeps me coming back. That’s why Skilleto.com hasn’t seen the last of Weave for sure.


White Crop and Culottes, @weavephl on IG, but click for their site

Silver Flats, @tutumshop

Shot in the pathways of @bellevueresort by @salvalancer

Black Beach

by Monday, June 6, 2016

Black isn’t usually a colour associated with the beach, but nothing is as comfy as this jumpsuit from Glam Effect. I’ll be honest, i don’t think this one is locally made or designed but I’ve been buying from this store for a long time- from cheek tint to contact lenses to Michael Kors bags to clothes and shoes.. so I’m featuring them cause it’s a truly trusty Instagram store to shop at.

This jumpsuit is an easy travel outfit to pack. it’s fully crinkled in an electric pleated kind of way, and the relaxed, un-sinched fit works great for a comfortable night time beach party for me to dress down and up at the same time.


Jumpsuit, @GlamEffect_

Shot at @BellevueResort in Bohol by @salvalancer

Getting Personal

by Saturday, June 4, 2016

Georgina Sasha, a Filipina entrepreneur has began to venture into swimsuits and one of her offerings is a one piece that gets personal. She first asked if i’d like a one piece in black or white then if there was anything i’d like printed on the front of it. You can pick the font and colour of the printing, and they can put any word up to 5 characters on it. As you can see, I asked her yo put my mother’s maiden name on it since most people in the showbiz realm know me as Ramos. To take it a step further, i had them print it on the back side of the swimsuit just like a sports jersey. I love the outcome.

What would you have printed on your swimsuit?

check out @georginasasha and Instagram

shot at the beachfront of @bellevueresort in Bohol by @salvalancer

Better Than Skinny Dipping

by Friday, June 3, 2016

When I was a lot younger I was teased a lot for being a bit on the chunky side. I used to always swim with a giant T-shirt on ’til about mid-thigh.. That’s pretty much why my skin always looked like I bathe in mayonnaise or something. It wasn’t ’til I was about 23 that I got over it and started wearing swimsuits to the beach like a normal, confident girl.. worked on my tan and getting used to the idea that I shouldn’t be ashamed of anything.. so I’m glad to say those days are pretty much behind me. To be honest though, I do miss the giant T-shirt days in some ways. In the back of my head I would think, “Sure, y’all are cute and everything, but no one can be as comfy as me.” but why choose?!

Reader, I present to you, the swim dress! ..okay it’s actually a normal midi dress that can be worn when dry.. but maybe because of the sandy colour and the light material gets extra body hugging when you wet it, i just felt like taking it into the water.. #yolo ..ever swam in a dress before?


Nude Lightweight Midi Dress – @euniform.co on Instagram, but click for their website

Shot at the calm beach front of @bellevueresort by @salvalancer

Resort Crisp

by Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Taking you back to the start of my 2 month long vacay! If you remember, every Holy Week, I decide to stay in Manila cause it’s usually the quietest time for the city. That’s why after Holy Week is when I decided to leave the the city.. it’s one of the perks of not having a job with a regular time table.. I can work through vacations and vacation through work time =) The first place I decided to go was Bohol with my Mom and Lancer.. This is the point you’d probably expect that I’d post a load of beachy bikini shots.. but for reasons only girls will understand, I didnt go swimming for the first half of this trip. So instead, I decided to dress like I own the resort. LOL

Before the trip, some of my clean, crisp, structured online shopping arrived from weave.com.ph, and in stead of waiting ’til I got back to wear my new acquisitions, I just brought them with me.


Bringing a jumpsuit to the beach was actually a pretty good idea! There is zero thinking necessary to pick an outfit when you’ve packed a one-piece like this. In real life, I would have worn flats, but because I have bad posture, I threw some heels on.. silver ones ’cause they go with everything and make me look a little more flashy =P

White Jumpsuit, @weavephl on Instagram, but click for their website

 Silver Heels, @nastygal, one of my fave sites..but this pair was a gift from two of my fans <3

this was shot at the upper deck of the @bellevueresort Bohol. That’s their IG handle, but click for their website

I traveled there via #AirAsiaInBohol who are giving away free seats when they reach 50k IG followers

shot by @salvalancer

Just The Basics

by Monday, May 16, 2016

I’ll be in Europe for a couple of weeks!
Ever had to pack for a long trip?
Not really showing anything revolutionary in my packing ritual.. but usually there are two ways to pack. Youre either packing heavy or light. When you pack light, it takes a lot more time.. pretty much knowing what youre gonna be doing from day to day and planning what to wear for each occasion then coordinating the mix and matches.

Here’s what takes much less planning but more brain power as you dress throughout the trip.. my steps to putting together a basic capsule wardrobe for your trip.. this is me packing heavy:
1. Figure out your general colour combo
2. Pick a theme/vibe to make mixing and matching easy – I’m going for very norm, not very attention grabbing (not a good time to call attention to yourself in Europe) ..mostly sweaters, pants, oxfords
3. Lay everything out so you can see it all at once. The point of this is so you can count how many tops, bottoms you’re bringing. You’ll also be able to see if you can edit down in case you repeated a certain cut/ colour
4. I’ll be gone for 15 days which means 8 tops, 4 bottoms would’ve been fine with one laundry trip in the middle, but if you check my layout, I was being EXTRA lazy and could’ve edited down more. that’s not smart packing.
5. The one thing you really wanna overpack is underwear. Bring tons of it. It doesn’t take up much space anyway.
6. Always bring 1 LBD in case you suddenly have to go somewhere with a dress code. The same “fancy” outfit you can wear anywhere.

Anyway, here’s my bobo-friendly, fool-proof, mix-and-match-ready wardrobe for the trip!20160514_03491420160514_035011

It all fit in one suitcase, thank goodness! And was including the shoe options and tech and everything I brought was 20kilos.. I still have baggage allowance to shop! =P